Okay, so while we all wait for the new update to come through, I’ve noticed a lot of people with questions or concerns about the game and the content, so I’m here today to clear just a few things up!

•”Why does it say you hate driving at night when it’s clearly daytime?”

Your car has broken down and you want to get it fixed BEFORE it gets dark. The game is set in the afternoon.

• “Who is Rupert?”

Okay, this was a technical error on my end. In order to learn about Rupert, you’re supposed to talk to the Chubby Keanu. He mentions Rupert and where to find him. Because the game was made so quickly, I forgot to adjust that part of the game. 

•”How do you get the true ending?”

To get the true ending is a secret! I’m not posting that on here, however you can join the discord server, and someone will tell you. Please do not spoil this for anyone. 

•”Where are these Keanus from???”

Not every Keanu in the game is from a film, however most are. Here is a quick list of the sources:
•Ted/Evil Ted; Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey
•Neo; The Matrix
•the weird “rock on” Keanu is NOT from Constantine. As far as I know it’s just a photo of Keanu, but if you have any more information, please let me know
•Nature Keanu is made up from some old photo shoots Keanu did when he was younger. He is not from a film nor is he from a meme or anything like that. He’s just a “character” that I made up for the story. 
•Chubby Keanu is from a time where Keanu gained some weight for a role. His story is also just a “character.”
•Sad Keanu is from the Sad Keanu memes. 
•Rupert Marshetta; The Prince of Pennsylvania

If there are any other questions or concerns I’ve missed here, please don’t hesitate to ask. 

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