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Check out this AWESOME hentai game! It released a few days ago and the art-style is amazing.

Play it here, CLICK

The game was actually pretty funny/interesting, I will hopefully be playing it more often to get as many endings as possible. The ending we got was lowkey wholesome lmao

Ultimately, I had no idea what I was doing, but the dumb Keanu memes made me laugh.  kinda short, but good.

You know you want to! 

This game is so charming and made me chuckle repeatedly, I 100% recommend playing it - it will definitely brighten your day!


So I had a really bad day. I decided to look for some dating sims to play to make me a bit happier. I had so much fucking fun with this you dont even know. Like, it turned one of my worst days into a blast. I just wish there was midget Keanu.

Interesting game. Truly breathtaking.

Great game ! I had so much fun playing it !

I made a video ! it's a bit different because I edited it heavily ! I added music and memes !

also I found DEVIL KEANU XD My fav !

hope you like the gameplay !

I loved this game, great job!

I downloaded the game, but I can't hear any audio.  I was going to make a video on the game, but I can't hear anything from the game. 

The game currently doesn’t have any audio, unfortunately. When I finish the next update, I hopefully should be able to add audio and whatnot, but for now it is silent. 

I thought it was an issue on my part.  Thanks!

what game engine is this made with

The game is made with renpy!


In honor of Keanu Reeves and his awesomeness, I played this Keanu-tastic game. See if you can find all the guitars hidden in the video! Now if you'll excuse me, I seem to have misplaced my sad Keanu memes...

This game is absolutely BREATHTAKING! It was great dating God i mean Keanu Reeves!

I enjoyed this silly adventure! Im a massive keanu fan so obvs im gona play this game! Check it out on my channel, feel free to subcribe ;)

this was worth it, i honestly wasnt huge on the silence so i had katana ZERO's OST playing in the backround and it made the game a whole lot more serious. But it fit the true ending pretty well. Overall, a good game 10/10- it was B R E A T H  T A K I N G.

Totally worth ditching everything I was doing to play it. Happy Keanu yaaaay 

I really enjoyed this short adventure with Keanu ! The humor was nice, as well as the hidden true ending. I cackled through my play while narrating it to my coworker so I had a really nice experience ! Keep up the good work ;)



Image result for keanu reeves meme

I really liked this game. Now I can finally date my number one husbando!


Before I played this I had a waifu

Now I only have KEANU


Please of please include Don John from As You Like It! When we got to the forest scene I was really hoping it'd be him but alas, twas no Shakespearean character present.

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Fancy seeing you here 

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💞 A DATE WITH KEANU REEVES! | Keanu Reeves Dating Simulator 💞

Keanu Reeves is breathtaking! So i grabbed my chance for a date with him in this Dating sim! 😉😍 All in all i had great fun with this game! I'll defo be exploring some other endings too!


I made a very epic video of this game. 

V E R Y E P I C.

I loved it!

AHHH! Thank you!!! I love you so much for doing this! I hope you’ll play a little more and find the true ending.. or just find a new true love? 


got the true end and all the others too and I really enjoyed the whole game it was just a fun little thing

Thank you for the nice comment!!! That makes me very happy that you enjoyed it.  Keep an eye out for the update

How did you get the true end? Me an my friend have been trying to get it. We have gotten all the other 9 ends we just need to know how to get the true one. Thanks!

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Fun game :) I was always surprised and really enjoyed the journey.

Thank you for the polite comment! Did you have any issues or any questions?


No issues at all. It played perfectly! 

My boyfriend did ask if Keanu from Speed might ever show up. It's entirely possible I missed him if so. It's our favorite role of his.

He’s not in the game at the moment, but keep an eye out for the next patch! I’ll be adding more Keanus and I was planning on adding him!


Keep playing until you figure out the true ending—it's worth it!!


g a s p. you of all people should know when a true ending is really worth it carrot! easter was great btw uwu

Carrot patch and I are co-conspirators 

Already got spoiled rip, I feel like a poopy bag :'( I rejected sad Keanu